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WAEC 2017 Geography OBJ and Theory Answer – May/June 2017 Expo

100% Correct WAEC Geography Essay/Theory and OBJ Questions and Answer Solution – May/June 2017 Expo Runs

-Advanced technology has has helped in the provision of more efficient farming equipment like tractors,planters to increase the food production
-It has also led to the development of chemicals such as insecticides,pesticides to control pests and diseases
-New crop varieties and animal breeds with early maturity and high yied have been developed
-It has promoted excess births over deaths
-It has a good knowledge of the causes of infections and diseases and how to prevent them has lead to increase in population
-Better sanitation which has helped to check outbreak and spread of diseases has led to population increase
-Relief:Jara is located in lowland with deep volcanic and alluvial plains which favours the cultivation of crops and habitations
-Favourable climate:This area has moderate temperate and abundant rainfall throughout the year and is supported by irrigation for the cultivation of crops
-Fertile soil:Jara is blessed with rich volcanic alluvial soils which favours the growth of many crops
-Intensive agriculture:The soil is intensively and continously cultivated because of its fertility for the growth of rice and other crops

-Industrial function
-Commercial function
-Administrative function
-Agricultural function
-Lumbering function
-Fishing function
-Provision of food:Urban areas depend on rural areas for food stuffs
-Unskilled labour supply:Unskilled labour supply usually come from rural to urban industries
-Medicinal herbs:Medicinal herbs and roots are usually bought from rural to urban areas for phamaceuticals
i)Rural areas provide urban areas with food
ii)Rural areas provide urban areas with unskilled labour
iii)urban area provide rural areas with manufactured goods
iv)urban area provide rural areas with higher education
v)Rural areas provide urban areas with raw materials

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Factors Influencing Industrial Location
1. Availability of raw materials: In determining
the location of an industry, nearness to sources
of raw material is of vital importance.
2. Availability of Labour: Adequate supply of
cheap and skilled labour is necessary for and
industry. The attraction of an industry towards
labour centres depends on the ratio of labour cost
to the total cost of production which Weber calls
‘Labour cost of Index’.
3. Proximity to Markets: Access to markets is an
important factor which the entrepreneur must
take into consideration. Industries producing
perishable or bulky commodities which cannot be
transported over long distance are generally
located in close proximity to markets. Industries
located near the markets could be able to reduce
the costs of transport in distributing the finished
product as in the case of bread and bakery, ice,
tins, cans manufacturing, etc. Accessibility of
markets is more important in the case of
industries manufacturing consumer goods rather
than producer goods.
4. Transport Facilities: Transport facilities,
generally, influence the location of industry. The
transportation with its three modes, i.e., water,
road, and rail collectively plays an important role.
So the junction points of water-ways, roadways
and railways become humming centres of
industrial activity. Further, the modes and rates of
transport and transport policy of Government
considerably affect the location of industrial units.
The heavy concentration of cotton textile industry
in Bombay has been due to the cheap and
excellent transportation network both in regard to
raw materials and markets.
5. Power: Another factor influencing the location
of an industry is the availability of cheap power.
Water, wind, coal, gas, oil and electricity are the
chief sources of power. Both water and wind
power were widely sought at sources of power
supply before the invention of steam engine.
During the nineteenth century, nearness to coal-
fields became the principal locating influence on
the setting up of new industries, particularly, for
heavy industries. With the introduction of other
sources of power like electricity, gas, oil, etc. the
power factor became more flexible leading to
dispersal and decentralization of industries.

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-fadama plain
-river sokoto
-cross river
i)presence of unique landforms
ii)presence of unique historical and religious centres
iii)unique environmental condidtion
iv)presence of natural and artificial lake
i)unstable political factors and government policies
ii)inadequate maintenance of tourist centre
iii)high rate of crime rate in the country
iv)outspread of diseases


Movement of goods and services
-Movement of people
-Development of tourism
-Opening up new lands and areas
-Generation of revenue
-It is very costly to build and maintain railways
-Railway transport is relatively slow in some other areas
-Railway network is generally poor
6 a )
The climate within Cross River plains is tropical- humid with wet and dry seasons, with average temperatures ranging between 15°C – 30°C, and the annual rainfall between 1300 – 3000 mm

Q8 b
1: Poor road network in Africa
2: Poor equipment of tools
3: Political issues among member in Africa

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