Verified WAEC 2018 Biology Practical Answer May/June Expo

WAEC 2018 Biology Practical

Verified WAEC 2018 Biology Practical ANSWER
A – Stagnant water (aquatic habitat)
B – Decomposing matter(terrestrial habitat) 

A- Mosquito(Anopheles).
B- Housefly. 

A – Arthropoda (phylum)
Insecta (class)

B – Arthropoda (phylum)
Insecta (class)

Specimen A
(i) It has bristles.
(ii) It has horny jaw.
(iii) It has siphon 

Specimen B
(i) It has a hook.
(ii) It has mouth.
(iii) It has spiracles.

In a tabular form
Under A
(i) It has not got a hook
(ii) It has a bristle.
(iii) It has siphon
(iv) It has mouth brush. 

Under B
(i) It has a hook
(ii) It doesn’t have a bristle.
(iii) It does not have siphon.
(iv) It does not have mouth brush. 

(i) They are both segmented organisms.
(ii) They both have mouth.
(iii) Both have thorax

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C – Fish
D – Mammal
E – Flowering plant 

They are used for respiration. 

(i) Possession of two rows of fine finger like Gill filament.
(ii) Possession of gill rakers.
(iii) Possession of richly supplied blood capillaries. 

(i) Both are supplied with blood capillaries.
(ii) Both of them are used for respiration. 

In a tabular form; Specimen C and specimen D

Under specimen C
(i) Possession of gill rakers.
(ii) Possession of gill filament.
(iii) Possession of gill arch.

Under specimen D
(i) Possession of bronchus.
(ii) Possession of alveoli.
(iii) Possession of alveolar cavity.



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Sepals,petals,carpels and stamen

(i) Sepals – 5
(ii) Petals – 5
(iii)Carpels – 1
(iv) Stamen – 10

(i) Sex-monoecious
(ii) Presence of both carpels and stamen

(i) Bilateral
(ii) It can be cut vertically into two similar halves through one plane

K – Insect
L – Wind.
In a tabular form; K and L

Under K
(i) Has very bright colours.
(ii) Single flower per stalk.
(iii) Has petals.
(iv) Lacks bracts.

Under L
(i) Lacks bright colours.
(ii) Bears many flowers per stalk(influorescence).
(iii) Lacks petals.
(iv) Has bracts.


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