"People Who Bashed Me For My Joke On Power Supply Are Stupid" – Dee One - Naijaray
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“People Who Bashed Me For My Joke On Power Supply Are Stupid” – Dee One

Comedian, Dee One, was dragged online during the week after he uploaded a video in which he argued that Nigerians did not deserve to have 24-hour electricity supply.However, he told Sunday Scoop that he was just joking.

He said, “It was sarcasm. There is nobody that doesn’t need electricity. Those bashing me for that post are very stupid because I’m not the government. If they want to bash anybody, it should be the government. I always tell people to use their gifts to address serious issues. Poor electricity supply is a very big problem in Nigeria and it’s part of the things setting us back. If people can channel their frustrations to the government with the same vigour (they attacked me online), I believe things will be much better. It’s only in Nigeria that we take comedians seriously and we take politicians as jokers.

“Trending on the Internet doesn’t give one money; it just puts you out there. And if it puts you out there, it then depends on what you’re able to do with the attention.”

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Speaking on his relationship with fellow Big Brother ex-housemates, Dee one said, “I am cool with all of them. Friends will always fight, but after that, we try to reach a common ground and move forward. Personally though, I am done with all that Big Brother drama; that era has passed. Right now, I want to be known and addressed as a comedian, not as a former BBN contestant.

Responding to people who say that he is not funny, he said, “I can bet that most people who say I am not funny have never seen me perform. I just did my stand-up comedy show and everyone who attended had a good time. Many people just talk based on what they see online. Meanwhile, I cannot be funny to everybody. I have my target audience. I am not the type of comedian that would give free jokes on the Internet. It is business for me. If I put out my content for free, why then does anybody have to pay to watch me? These days, every Tom, Dick and Harry can be found on the Internet claiming to be comedians and giving materials away. However, I don’t blame them because I know they are looking for publicity. But, for someone like me, who already has the publicity, I don’t need all that. I was a professional before I went into the Big Brother House. Big Brother did not pay me to do jokes, so I abided by the rules and regulations of the game. It’s sad that these days, people are used to getting free things. My advice to people who think I’m not funny is that they should come and watch me. I run a comedy club alongside Omobaba and SLK, and I’ve been doing it for five years.”

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Reekado Banks Launches Record Label, “Banks Music”

Just after leaving Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records, Reekado Banks has launched his own record label, which he has since named, “Banks Music”.

He shared an interesting video launching the record label and some of his fans had being congratulating him.

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I Must Test My Man Sexually Before Marriage — Queeneth Agbor

At a time when many young girls say that they no longer believe in love, actress Queeneth Agbor says love has been good to her.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, she narrated her fondest experience in love. She said, “My boyfriend is the sweetest ever. He is all about giving and my 100 per cent happiness is his goal without him asking for nothing in return. Each time I look at him, I’m always in awe. There is no phone or anything else I want that he cannot give me. Recently, he actually needed to change his phone but with his busy schedule, he kept forgetting. I saw it as an opportunity to do something very special for him for once. I already knew the phone he wanted; so, I got it and surprised him. He almost returned it but I sweet-talked him and explained that if he rejected it, I would be heartbroken. That’s how I won.”

On the importance of sex in a relationship, Agbor said, “To some people, sex is associated with stability because it increases the bond and maintains a level of stability. As for me, I believe that sex is overrated in a relationship though I stand for sex before marriage with a good reason. I need to test my ‘goods’ so I don’t end up with something inadequate. Cheating is a no-no for me. However, in a relationship, getting to know your partner doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with sex. I prefer to bond mentally and intellectually. I know my lover for who he truly is. Sex gone bad can actually end a relationship before you even get to know the real person.”

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Speaking on the biggest gift she has ever received from a lover, Queeneth said, “My boyfriend asked me to come outside my house to carry some things he bought for me, only for me to see a car.”

Agbor also said contrary to what some people might think about her, she is actually very spiritual. “One with God is in the majority; for without Him, I am nothing. As long as I breathe, I will continue to serve God. I am an ambassador of Christ with dignity, mentality that differentiates me from others,” the actress added.

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Actor, Gideon Okeke narrates how he was beaten and dragged on tarred ground by Police and Lasta officials

 Gideon Okeke narrates

Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke has narrated his recent ugly encounter with officers of the Nigerian Police Force and LASTMA.

Gideon Okeke took to his Instagram page to share ;

Yesterday, after I had finished from a scheduled meeting with Charles Otudor I left the Eko Hotel and joined the gradually building traffic leading on to Lekki’.

Only a few minutes from my meeting, had I unfortunately run into a minor collision with another driver, Mrs Mosunmola Ilori, at the Lekki Phase 1 roundabout. We both inspected the damage(s), conferred and thought first, to get off the road for oncoming traffic.
Just less than 10 feet away from all this were the Lastma and Police, sharing the police post at the roundabout.

All I asked, was their assistance (witnessed by Mrs Ilori) in getting some barricades off the road for us to park properly and this scenario I have just described, turned into a full blown fiasco, seeing 4 police officers pounce on me and 2 others on Mrs Ilori and her niece. I have come off this incident with stitches in my mouth and chin. Mrs Ilori as well, to the full glare and amazement of pedestrians and moving traffic, was ruffled up, beat, and dragged on the tarred ground. The Leading man here was one Officer IDEH DONATUS who severally pointed a gun in my chest.

I hereby humbly call on the executive governor of Lagos state, @akinwunmiambode the Vice President @profosinbajo the @policenglagos and its Officers, to kindly exercise the authority of your offices in addressing these civil injustices filed at the #MarokoPoliceStation

Myself, Mrs Ilori, her niece and every other Nigerian citizen, don’t need to feel vulnerable with the police. We appreciate them for their efforts in Protecting Lives and Property,but not for them to be THE THREAT!

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