Osun State Polytechnic school tuition/school fees shall reduce.

Polytechnic school is one of the Nigerian institutions that hothouse both poor and luscious students struggling to to reciprocate the gesture to their dynasty and neighborhoods, holding the future and emblem of Nigerian in their hands. The percentage of students gaining admission into polytechnics school should not be surrogate if we want to progress in our education sectors in Osun state and Nigeria at large. The issues of paying school fees in Osun State Polytechnic Iree (OSPOLY) has produced a lot of sagas, news, online and physical arguments and memo pressurizing students to pay before the addition of late payment fees. Late payment!!! What for?
Around 2014, students were paying #35,000 with discomfort, misery and agony. Both parents and students are expected to pay extensive and enormous amount of tuition fees in State government tertiary institutions. The issue of school fees has withdrawn the interest of many students to further his/her education irrespective of courses studies in their various institutions. The common statement is/was (they don’t want the poor to be educated again in Nigerian) if this should be false statement, then why are we paying #65,000 on school fees in government institution when students were paying #35,000 before.
In my personal interviewed with students of Osun State polytechnic, Iree. They made it apparent and crystal that there are some payments that need to be sabotage in the OSPOLY institution. They said, students are paying some irrelevant or worthless additional fees that need to be extracted from the total payments. He said, the school is generating money in different ways but the buildings on campus are the same. If ND and HND have lecture at the same time, they have to wait for each other. Some lectures room that can not contain 350 students was divided for 500 students to receive lecture. 
In 2014, school fees is #25,000, laboratory practical fee is #5,000, ICT Development fee is #5,000, Development levy is #2,000, Student I.D card is #1,5000, medical fee is #2,000, libeary fee is #2,000, Student handbook is #1,500, sports fee is #1,500, Examination fee is #2,500 and etcetera. 
From 2016 till date, our school fees is #25,000, laboratory practical fee is #5,000, ICT Development fee is #5,000, Development levy is #2,000, Student I.D card is #1,5000, medical fee is #2,000, library fee is #2,000, Student handbook is #1,500, sports fee is #1,500, Examination fee is #2,500 and etcetera. The pain is too much. 
           Analyzes on above listed fee.

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The school fee still remained constant as #25,000 as expected and students are still endeavor to break one’s neck with that amount despite the current situation of Nigeria economies. 
Laboratory (from #5,000 to #15,000). The school laboratories are not well equipped with modern facilities that can aggrandize the knowledge of students in their courses of study. The botherations and dilemma of paying laboratories and other added miniature payment has discourage and ebb many promising youths from making their dreams a reality in academics fields.

 Our library is old; a lot of books are not in store. It has turned to market centre where you pay #500 before they could sign your documents even if you present to them valid library ID card.  
ICT development fee. During an interrogatory with students, OSPOLY ICT is not equipped with twenty first century and modernistic facilities at all. The students are expecting improvement from the area as money collected are not channel on necessary projects. The ICT sector is very diminutive as regard to money collected from thousands of student per session. Thou, ID card fee has being added to current total balance. 

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Concerning the SUG crisis, students are experiencing a lot of conundrum and predicament when chosen the right student who can fight on behalf of the students. In current generation, leaders are elected not selected especially in student gardens. One man said, we have being lacking behind student unionism leader in OSPOLY, it’s extremely laborious and unyielding to elect a student of our choice, no one can fight for abounding activities that students were from. 
Students are now complaining about the new disclosed memo, that sum of #5,000 naira has being added to school and were tagged late payment of school fees when we are yet to balance the previous payments.
Please help us to reduce our school fees, remember the discomfort and ache and affliction; we (students and parents) are passing through pain and agony when raising the money. Kindly allow the poor to tap from the wealth of knowledge of twenty first century.

Aluta Continual

Victoria Acerta

Long Life OSPOLY.

2 Comments on Osun State Polytechnic school tuition/school fees shall reduce.

  1. Akinola Gbenga I // 04/01/2019 at 4:23 pm // Reply

    What is this country is turning to now tutor fees now is #60000 ,may Almighty God safe us From bad leader in this country.

  2. Oshokoya azeez // 04/01/2019 at 5:59 pm // Reply

    This is totally rubbish, why the leaders are treating us this way some people are outside there struggling to for their school fees while d school fees was still in fair position but now it has raised up again and nothing any of this leaders can do to it, youth are suffering a lot, this should stop, let the poor people gain from this Nigeria wealth please let’s spread this till it get to the right channel….. God bless Nigeria, God bless Osun State, God bless OSPOLY….. Aluta continua!!!

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