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Woye: Woye is the son of Segi and grandson of Yaremi of about eight years old. He plays the role of a comforter in the life of his grandmother, Yaremi, when there is nobody to console her. Woye, somehow, fills the vacuum created by the demise of Ajumobi, helping Yaremi in the production, transportation and marketing of taffeta cloth which is regarded as the best in the village. Woye is playful and naturally happy, enjoying the company of goats and dogs. Woye is a bit lazy, but when fired up, he can use his number game as a motivation to do the work he is expected to do. He loves to go to school; therefore, he decides to follow his mother, Segi, back to his fathers village to start schooling, when his mother visits Yaremi. Woyes departure is painful to Yaremi, but she has no choice than to allow her grandson to get education.
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Manfred is the ruler of Otranto, the grandson of the man who usurped Otranto from its former rulers. He is husband to Hippolita, and father to Matilda and Conrad. In Other words He Is Quick to anger, clumsily manipulative, and at times illogical, he constantly prioritizes his lust for both power and Isabella over any faith or morals he may have. The story presents his overwhelming desire for power as indicative of both his, and his entire familial line’s, unsuitability for rulership. Fearing an ancient prophecy about the end of his reign, seeks first to secure his family’s rulership of Otranto by marrying his son Conrad to his ward Isabella, who through her father has a rightful claim. After Conrad dies, Manfred hunts for Isabella throughout the castle in order to produce a new heir who would have a rightful claim to rule. Despite his existing marriage to Hippolita, the fact that Isabella is his own ward, and Father Jerome’s admonitions, he seeks a divorce and almost manages to secure Isabella’s hand in marriage from her father Frederic. When his plans fail and he attempts to murder Isabella, he accidentally kills his own daughter. In shock at having murdered Matilda, he undergoes a drastic personal change: he repents, reveals that he is not the rightful ruler of Otranto, and retires to a convent as a monk.
Hippolite The princess of Otrantoand Manfred’s wife, Hippolita is the mother of Matilda and Conrad. Though she is pious and kind, her complete devotion and submission to her husband make her his key enabler. Despite her own wishes, her belief that divorce goes against her Christian faith, and her knowledge that Isabella will be forced into an unwanted marriage, she passively agrees to a divorce from Manfred when he seeks to solidify his power by marrying Isabella. After Manfred abdicates, Hippolita becomes a nun at one of the nearby convents.
Matilda is the beautiful 18-year-old daughter of Manfred and Hippolita, and Conrad’s sister. Matilda is intelligent, pious, and completely devoted to her mother. Though she originally intended to become a nun rather than marry, she falls in love with Theodore and helps him escape her father. Seeing her in a church with Theodore, Manfred thinks she is Isabella and accidentally kills her. She dies as an innocent, and her death transforms her father who immediately repents of all of his actions.
Isabella A princess and the daughter of Frederic, the Marquis of Vincenza, at the beginning of the novel Isabella is Conrad’s fiancé and the ward and de facto daughter of Hippolitaand Manfred. Like Matilda, Isabella is beautiful, pious, and a model of filial devotion. Despite her personal reluctance, she agrees to marriage with Conrad because she believes it to be arranged by her long-lost father (later the narrator reveals that Manfred actually bribed her guardians). When Manfred attempts to rape her, Isabella protects her virtue by fleeing the castle with the help of Theodore and escapes to a cave where she meets Frederic, her long-lost father. After Manfred’s failed attempt to kill her, Isabella mourns the loss of Matilda with Theodore and eventually marries him.
No 7
Bessie says hi to Bigger when he comes to Ernie’s Kitchen Shack, but she leaves when she sees Jan and Mary.

Bessie welcomes Bigger into her place the day after Bigger killed Mary. She sleeps with Bigger.

When Bigger tells her how Mary is missing and that they could get some money out of the situation, Bessie gets worried. She asks him if he’s done something to that white girl.

She doesn’t really want to have anything to do with the ransom note, but when coerced, she reluctantly becomes a part of it.

Bessie is worried more than ever when Bigger returns later after Mary’s body has been discovered. When Bigger admits he killed Mary after all, Bessie gets worried that he might kill her too.

Worried and nervous and crying, Bessie leaves with Bigger because she feels she has no other option.

In an abandoned building, Bigger rapes Bessie, then kills her, knowing he can’t take her (she’s crying too much) or leave her (she’ll reveal all), he throws her body down an airshaft.

Bessie’s body is presented to the court as part of the evidence against Bigger.

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