Checkout Epic Photo Of Tobi, Alex, Miracle With Tobi’s Dad that Goes Viral

Tobi and Miracle of BBNaija

The internet has not witnessed such friendship goals as BBNaija’s T0ralex is displaying. The trio started their friendship right from the Big Brother house and even when Miracle was declared winner, they all celebrated like it was a win for all.

Now the show has come to an end, their friendship is still growing and even stronger than before. Just recently the guys met with Tobi Bakre’s wealthy dad and fans are terming the photo an epic moment. We have seen friends become like family and these trio are on their way to becoming just that.

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It’s no wonder Miracle boldly stated that Toracle is here to stay and they have become brothers for life. For the fans, it’s refreshing to see how different individuals went into the house and found true friendship, some found love and others found great opportunities on which to build their brand and career.

Here’s another photo of the amazing Toracle that is currently rocking the internet. Two handsome brothers in one photo, the ladies must be having a filled day!

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