Abiola Posthumous Award: IOYCF Commends Buhari, Urges Him To Gazette His Proclamation



It will amount to a rape on courtesy if IOYCF as the Umbrella Body of Oduduwa Youths fail to salute the legendary and unprecedented courage displayed by President Mohammad Buhari with his acknowledgment of the sacred fact that Kasimawo Moshood Abiola actually won the freest, fairest election in the history of this great nation. This bold and sagacious declaration is long overdue. The fact remains that the blood of Abiola which has been crying for justice has now been appeased even though in his grave, we are sure that if the Yoruba mythology is true then Kasimawo will be happy in his grave today that his blood which was spilled to entrench Democracy in Nigeria was not in vain.

Although one might be provoked in thought to see this proclamation and gift to the Yoruba Nation as a Greek Gift to appease the Yoruba nation and to curry or attract and appease to the sentiment of the Yoruba Nation bearing in mind the fact that 2019 is around the corner, yet we see this gift to MKO as monumental one that will make the Yoruba nation appreciates General Mohammad Buhari eternally.

However, IOYCF hereby call on Mr. President to ensure that his proclamation is gazetted in line with the relevant law so as not to make the declaration a mere political expression without the force of law.

IOYCF equally call on Mr. President to ameliorate the pains and suffering of the Youths who came out en masse to vote for MKO by providing employment for the unemployed youths. This was one of promises made by MKO which he was unable to fulfil.
We the Igbimo Oduduwa Youth Consultative Forum strongly believe that the only way out of Nigeria Challenges is Restructuring and true federalism, consequent upon this, IOYCF call on Mr. President to use this same spirit with which he harkened to the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians regarding June 12 to heed the clarion call for restructuring of this nation.

IOYCF equally call on Mr. President to use his military prowess as a retired General to put an end to unending killings in Nigeria and return Nigeria to its place of pride among the nations of the world.

Long live IOYCF
Long live Oodua land
Long live Nigeria

Olayinka Sokoya
Publicity Secretary
Igbimo Oduduwa Youths Consultative Forum

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