Why there is hunger in Nigeria – Sultan of Sokoto


The Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, has attributed hunger in the country to laziness of Nigerians.

Abubakar made the remark in response to a comment by the Chairman of Shura Committee of the National Islamic Centre, Mallam Ahmad Bello who noted that there was extreme hunger in the land at the 22nd annual Ummah Convention held in Sokoto over the weekend.

Bello had further supported his claim with the fact that there are millions of helpless children, all victims of cruel parental neglect, who go about begging for food from households, on streets, or just eating out of dustbins.

He also called on political and spiritual leaders in the country to do something to augment the efforts of the government to make sure the problem is solved fast.

“It would be a crime, a sin and a folly not to do so,” Bello said.

Abubakar said, “The chairman, Shura committee talks about hunger in the land but let me make it clear that we are hungry because we are lazy.”


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