See Photo Of Academic Qualifications You Need To Contest For The Position Of Senate & House Of Rep In Nigeria

Gradually finding my Answers.
Thanks Mr Ololade Bamidele

Just be educated up to School Certificate level.
Interpretation: Even if you have F9 or D7 in Maths or English. Sha go to school, sit for your SSCE/NECO. Present your certificate to INEC…
Yes Ke! You can contest.
Seriously, am pissed with my mum for always telling me that if I didn’t  have credit in Maths, English, Economics, Biology, Literature, my WAEC certificate is more or less Useless.

Mummy, shey you see now? Then you now said if I don’t have 1st class or 2’1, am a Yeye graduate, eeh I accept, na Kuku 2’2, I finish with.

Credit: Moremi Ojudu


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