Nigerians Pictured Watching Elkanemi Warriors Vs Kano Pillars Match On Light Tower Due To Lack Of Seats(Photos)

As shared by Sanusi……

‘This is during a match between Elkanemi warriors vs Kano pillars  today 2/4/17 in the Elkanemi sport Center Maiduguri  where lack of seats made the fans watch the full 90min on their legs and some on the light tower as you can see..Thousands of people  attend the stadium every week but the Borno state government are not interested in making it easier of the people…

Maybe we are in Hard times now in the state and probably this issue is totally irrelevant to the current situation in the state but people pay money to support the State Team, they scream and shout standing in the sun, which made the team invisible in the home ground for the past 23 games at home

I’ve always admired our people’s courage and support for their state and when it comes to Sport they are also not left behind…

I call upon the Ministry Of Sport to try and  expand the stands and do some renovations in the stadium so as to make it easier for the people of Borno state to support the team in this trying times’


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