Nigeria is open for business, says Osinbajo

Nigeria is opening itself up for free enterprise and investors should leverage on the abundant op­portunities being created to establish their businesses in the country.
Osinbajo spoke on Mon­day at the State House, Abuja while addressing the meeting of delegates from the Nige­rian Initiative for Economic Development (NEID), United States.
“The truth of the matter is that any country that opens it­self to free enterprise, the way Nigeria is opening itself to free enterprise, will somehow find that it will work, and that is one of the critical things that we are bringing into the mix. Nigeria is a place that is wait­ing to happen and it will hap­pen”, he stated.
Osinbajo stressed that the administration was “insist­ing that the only way that this country can make the profit that it needs to make is by private sector investment, beginning with local local in­vestment.
“That is why we are work­ing so hard on making the investment climate profitable and easy for those who are do­ing business already, because we believe that those who are doing business already will invariably bring in those who want to do business from out­side, foreign investment etce­tra. But we think that it must be private sector driven.”


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