Military Officer Forces His Own Wife to Eat Faeces, Why He Did It Will Shock You

A military man has caused quite a stir after making his own wife to eat faeces after doing something he really detested.

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A jilted Zimbabwean soldier has made his wife eat his faeces just because she asked for a divorce.

The man has however been dragged before the Mutare Magistrates Court to face abuse charges.

According to New, Machisi Jani (30) pleaded guilty to the charges and will remain in custody pending sentencing.

When Jani was asked why he committed the offence, he said he failed to control his temper after a misunderstanding with his wife, Shella Mudzimiri (25).

The court heard that the couple had a matrimonial dispute on 11 April at about 8am, when Mudzimiri told her husband she wanted a divorce. This reportedly infuriated Jani, leading to him to beat his wife and bite her on the right hand.

Jani then took his faeces out of his pants, and forced them into his wife’s mouth.

Mudzimiri reported the matter to the police, leading to Jani’s arrest.


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