Horror: Brand New Ferrari Burns Down to a Crisp Just One Hour After It Was Bought (Photos)

A man who just bought a brand new Ferrari, has had to watch it burn to crisp after getting involved in an accident. 


Photos have shown the remains of a brand new Ferrari which got burnt just an hour after its purchase.


According to a Facebook post by South Yorkshire Police, the driver watched his newly-bought Ferrari 430 Scuderia go up in smoke after he crashed the supercar just an hour after collecting it.  


The luxury motor veered off a highway and “burst into flames”.



Photos of the incident’s aftermath show the burned-out remains of the car smoldering on grass.


South Yorkshire Police say they were surprised to see that the driver had escaped the blaze mostly unharmed, adding that he was “very lucky” to walk away from the crash with only “minor cuts and bruises”.


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