Blog reader writes open letter to Airpeace

A blog reader, Ezenwa who was satisfied with services rendered her during her flight with Airpeace has written them a ‘Than you’ letter.

Read below…

“Dear Airpeace,
I have always had a very severe phobia for flying; as a matter of fact- a lot of times I’ve travelled very long distance by road because of this. I will rather go through road as it was becoming, for me, the (my) safest way of traveling. But whenever I book/patronize Airpeace, in one way or form, you guys keep reducing the phobia I have. As I write, I know the phobia is near 0%- this is good and very commendable, all thanks to you and your team. Please I beg you in God’s name- NEVER lower your standard for a second. You are taking over the Nigerian market, soon will be Africa and the world at large. Everything about you is turning great and I am really excited cos it’s hard to buy my confidence. My trip to lagos some weeks ago was extremely peaceful. Please keep giving your customers this “Air” Peace. My MD now enjoys using your airline for all local trips as against the others.


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